Hellos! If you are a child, welcome. If you are an adult who wishes they were a child, then welcome to you too. I will even be generous enough to welcome just normal adults. But if you are a child trying to become an adult, then I strongly advise you to reconsider. If you are a cat, then double welcome. If you are an alien, then welcome but only on the condition that you contact me here

I do not welcome misogynists, racists or homophobes but I can't stop you from looking through my website, so hopefully it will scrape away a little of your unfounded hate.


It's here! Nolly and the Nongos is finally available for you to see and listen to at your leisure. You will find everything you need to know if you click on the button below. But, for more info on me, click the About page or get in contact by clicking on... (you guessed it) the Contact button!!!!!